About The Course

The Higher Diploma in Music Education Course is a two-and-a-half-year full-time course designed to
1. To train students as instrumental or vocal teachers of the highest calibre
2. To enable students to perform confidently in a wide variety of teaching and playing situations.

The primary emphasis is on practical study, both solo and ensemble, supported by classes in musicianship and related studies. This Higher Diploma contains an academic component that supports any aspiring teacher’s knowledge. In addition to the classes in history, harmony and counterpoint and aural awareness, we provide an education issues class, which explores good teaching practice and investigates various philosophies of education.

Entry Requirements

Normal Entry

For normal entry into the Higher Diploma in Music Education programme applicants should have at least 5 O-Level subjects including English Language. Any other additional qualification is an added advantage.

Special Entry

Candidates who have successfully completed a certificate in any creative arts sector or have obtained equivalent qualifications may apply for entry into Higher Diploma in Music Education programme subject to availability of places.

Mature Entry

Ordinary level holders who have worked for more than three years without certification in the particular creative arts sector.

Block Release School

The aim of the Block Release school programme is to provide academic support to those creative arts practitioners who are already in the field who need to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the form of certification but do the training at a pace they can manage. These individuals hold qualifications lower than the Higher Diploma level