CCA-Africa has come with the practicality as its niche in training of Film and Theatre Arts.  Students are exposed to practical workshops of three days every month during their study years.  They do the scriptwriting submissions, editing practice, producing and directing, make up and other sectors in practice during the three day workshops. Students at CCA-Africa acquire diverse technical skills, creativity and step seamlessly into professional film career. All our students become visual storytellers, multimedia artists and very much beyond creativity.

Normal Entry

  • For normal entry into the Department of Film and Theatre Arts (HFTA), candidates must satisfy the normal entry requirements specified in the Faculty Regulations and the General Regulations.  In so doing must satisfy the following requirements: 
  • Must have obtained at least five O-Level passes or the equivalent, including English language. Must have obtained a pass in any two A-Level subjects.  
  • In addition to the above, the Department may have auditions in order to test a student’s engagement with film and/ or theatre. Evidence of a real commitment to film and/ or acting and a long-standing interest in theatre and knowledge of a range of theatrical forms and genres will be an added advantage.

Special Entry

A certificate in either Music or Film would earn you entry if you are below mature age  of 25 for males and 23 for females and have no A-level subjects…


Mature Entry

Be above 25 and have 5 O-Levels including English Language or above 23 and have 5 O-Levels including English Language.

Prospective Careers include

  • Camera operator                                 
  • Digital imaging technician                     
  • Dolly grip                                        
  • Screenwriter                                       
  • Acting                                                
  • Performing Arts Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Visual Effects 
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Producer   
  • Postproduction supervisor                    
  • Scenic Designer
  • Stage Manager                  


Employment Companies

Human Resources Departments,
Public Relations, ZBC, DSTv,
Production Houses,
Advertising Houses
NGOs, Civic Society etc.

In addition, graduates can also become teachers and lecturers in educational institutions.

Level 1 Semester 1

Code  Module Description        Credits
HFTA 101 Theory and Trends in African theatre  4
HFTA 102 Theories and Trends in African Cinema  4
HFTA 103 Film Development in Zimbabwe  4
HFTA 104 Genres of Film and Theatre  4
CS 101 Basic Communication Skills  4
HCS 115 Introduction to Information Technology  4

Level 1 Semester 2

HFTA 105 Theory of Acting 4
HFTA 106 Community Theatre in Zimbabwe 4
HFTA 107 Production Practicum (Play Making) 4
HFTA 108 Film and Theatre as Multimedia Communication 4
HFTA 109 Theories and Trends in Western Theatre 4
CS 102 Extended Communication Skills 4

Level 2 Semester 1

HFTA 201 Script Writing 4
HFTA 202 Principles of Film Directing 4
HFTA 203 Drama for Development 4
HFTA 204 Film and Literary Studies 4
HFTA 205 Film, Theatre and Advertising 4
GS 201 Introduction to Gender Studies 4

Level 2  Semester  2


HFTA 206 Research Methods in Film and Theatre 4
HFTA 207 Comparative Theatre Studies in Africa 4
HFTA 208 Film, Theatre and Ideology 4
HFTA 209 Comparative Film Studies 4
HFTA 210 Radio Drama 4
HFTA 211 Film Directing (Practical) 4

Level 3 Semester 1 and 2: Work Related Learning

Level 4 Semester 1

HFTA 401 Film, Theatre and HIV/AIDS 4
HFTA 402 Choreography and Dance Production 4
HFTA 403 Stagecraft 4
HFTA 404 Managing Institutions of Film and Theatre 4
HFTA 405 Film and Video Production 4
HFTA 406 Development of Film in Africa 4

Level 4 Semesters 2


HFTA 407 Film, Theatre and Globalisation 4
HFTA 408 Practical criticism of film text 4
HFTA 409 Gender Issues in Theatre and Film 4
HFTA 412 Dissertation 8



HFTA 110 Children’s Drama and Animation 4
HFTA 111 Television Drama 4
HFTA 212 Theatre for Development 4
HFTA 213 Film, Theatre and Society 4
HFTA 410 Practical Criticism of Drama 4
HFTA 411 Theatre in Education 4